By Peter Hoskin
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new Parliamentary
Advisory Board on Policy
? Turns out it’s not just Parliamentary. No.10 has
confirmed to us what Tom Newton Dunn reported:
that Steve Hilton will involve himself in its meetings about once a month.

is good news, in a way. As I’ve said before, Mr Hilton is exactly the sort of freethinker
that David Cameron needs around him. And the news is sure to cheer Tory
backbenchers, who have collectively warmed to him in his absence.

let’s not read too much into all this. I used the words “will involve himself,”
above, for a reason – because it’s not entirely clear what the extent of Mr Hilton's involvement will be. Sometimes he might join the meetings in person, if he’s around London.
But, otherwise, he may just dial in
from California.

set-up doesn’t sound too far removed from what Mr Hilton has being doing
already: getting on with a life away from No.10, while helping out his former
boss from time to time. It’s what
he did
for Mr Cameron’s last conference speech, after all.

which case, I wouldn’t count this as a proper return. If anything, it could
suggest that such a return isn’t likely, and that Mr Hilton would prefer to
advise from a distance. Who knows? Perhaps his weeping
frustrations with Government
still haven’t healed.