Respondents were asked to “Please put this list of twenty
ideas in order of importance for winning the next election”.


Number 1: Stricter control of immigration, especially from
Bulgaria and Romania

2: Lower taxes on the businesses that will create
tomorrow’s jobs and wealth

3: Cuts in petrol tax and elimination of expensive
subsidies of renewable energy

4: Lower taxes on the low-paid and those families
struggling to pay their bills

5: Replacement of European human rights laws with a
British Bill of Rights

6: A clear, compelling plan to restore British
competitiveness over the next decade

7: Legislation in this parliament for an In/Out referendum
that would guarantee a referendum in the next

8: Holding an EU referendum on same day as the next
General Election

9: A shift of money from the aid budget to the defence

10: A housebuilding programme to revive the economy,
create jobs and help first-time buyers


11: An agenda for England that would include no unfair
subsidies for the rest of the UK and a guarantee that laws that only affect
England are decided by MPs from English constituencies

12: A pro-family programme including a married couples'
allowance and support for relationship counselling and education charities

13: More money and resources for the NHS frontline, less
for bureaucracy

14: Continued protection of all pensioners’ benefits

15: A new consumer rights agenda that will help customers
of banks, energy companies and train operators to get fair, transparent and
honest service.

16: Policies to reduce the cost of childcare

17: Withdraw all troops from foreign wars, including

18: Higher pay for good teachers and retraining or
dismissal for under-performing teachers

19: Scrap the High-Speed 2 rail project

20: A religious liberty bill that would protect the core
freedoms of churches and other places of worship, faith schools and individual

1,844 took part in the survey.