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At the end of November ConservativeHome conducted the latest Cabinet rankings survey and I apologise for not publishing it before now. Anyhow, here it is (percentage satisfied minus those dissatisfied):

  1. Iain Duncan Smith: +86%
  2. Michael Gove: +77%
  3. William Hague: +73%
  4. Eric Pickles: +60% (back up the table again – and deservedly so according to Paul Goodman)
  5. Philip Hammond: +44% (can this survive the painful defence cuts that are looming?)
  6. Patrick McLoughlin: +42%
  7. Owen Paterson: +41% (his interview in yesterday's Telegraph led The Express' Patrick O'Fylnn to declare the DEFRA Secretary as the new leader of the traditional Tory Right)
  8. Chris Grayling: +40% (down a little – perhaps because of his legally-careful positioning on the ECHR?)
  9. Lord Strathclyde: +36%
  10. Theresa May: +33% (no signs of adverse impact of poor turnout in Commissioner elections or extradition frustrations… and still the only woman in the Cabinet top ten)
  11. Grant Shapps: +30%
  12. Sir George Young: +29% (the new Chief Whip is a return entry but with noticeably lower ratings than when he was Leader of the House for some reason)
  13. David Willetts: +25%
  14. Francis Maude: +24% (continues to consolidate his position – perhaps because of his dry-as-dust fiscally conservative record in Whitehall)
  15. Danny Alexander: +23% (still the Tories' favourite Lib Dem… which probably won't help him keep his Scottish seat)
  16. Maria Miller: +25% (a small improvement perhaps reflecting her rising Newsnight and Leveson-related profile)
  17. Andrew Lansley: +18%
  18. Theresa Villiers: +15%
  19. David Jones: +14%
  20. Jeremy Hunt: +10% (this poll was conducted before Leveson exonerated the former Culture Secretary – see my remarks at the end of this post)
  21. Oliver Letwin: +9%
  22. Michael Moore: +6%
  23. David Cameron: +5%
  24. George Osborne: -1% (this poll was conducted BEFORE the Autumn Statement)
  25. Justine Greening: -2% (this is an improvement from last time's in my opinion unfair rating of -14% – the improvement might reflect the Development Secretary's tough line on aid to India)
  26. Ken Clarke: -10%
  27. Ed Davey: -40% (another slide in the Climate Change Secretary's ratings – perhaps suggesting Tory members prefer the John Hayes approach… although a new 'Turquoise Group' of Tory MPs is warning the PM against an anti-windfarm posture)
  28. Vince Cable: -56% (the Business Secretary is up to his old tricks today, accusing George Osborne of demonising the unemployed).
  29. Nick Clegg: -58% (perhaps Tory members don't like the way he demonises his critics or perhaps they just have an "irrational phobia" towards him?)

Boris Johnson's rating is +90%.

See the previous ratings.

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