By Paul Goodman
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Michael Gove's remarks at yesterday's Spectator awards were well-reported earlier today (and were covered yesterday on this site by Matthew Barrett).

Less well-reported have been the follow-ups – taking their inspiration from the Education Secretary – that have been doing the rounds in Westminster and on blackberries this morning.  These include:

  • The David Davis Memorial Balaclava for services to the whips office and the leadership. Winner: Patrick Mercer MP.
  • The Nadine Dorries Honorary Burqua for shunning the limelight.  Winner: Lord Oakeshott.
  • The Titus Oates Public Responsibility Award, first class honours: Tom Watson MP
  • The Lord Lester Ceremonial Wig for services to the European Convention on Human Rights: Nick Herbert MP.
  • The Gollum Memorial Loincloth for loyalty to master under pressure.  Winner: Liam Byrne MP.

There will doubtless be more.  Readers are invited to contribute.  I'm under no illustion whatsoever that ConservativeHome personnel will be spared.

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