By Peter Hoskin
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having a dig, even just a friendly dig, at the Tory leadership? We’ve seen that
a thousand times. But the Tory leadership having a dig at Boris? That’s a rarer
species altogether, so it’s worth pasting into our collective scrapbook. Here,
as recorded in today’s Times (£),
is what David Cameron had to say yesterday about the Mayor of London’s
opposition to a third runway at Heathrow:

“The Prime Minister said that the Mayor of London was wrong
to rule out a third runway at Heathrow on the morning that the panel charged
with studying the aviation needs of the capital was announced.

also made clear that Mr Johnson would not have a veto over a
once-in-a-generation decision that was critical for the country as a whole. ‘In
the end the decision is a national decision that the Government has to lead,’
Mr Cameron told The Times. ‘What is not right is to say, I only want my options
considered and not anyone else’s.’”

any Kremlinologists among us, the nature of Mr Cameron’s attack might set
various alarms a-ringing. Look at the wording: “a national decision that the
Government has to lead”. This not only sets up a divide, intentionally or no’,
with Boris’s London-centric politics, but it also hints at the qualities —
statesmanship, national leadership, etc — that the PM’s supporters believe
separate him from the Mayor of London.

the continuing problem for Mr Cameron is that — in his political vicinity, at
least — the opposition to a third runway is particularly vehement. If he
carries on with such attacks, then he might provoke not just Boris, but some
Tory backbenchers and the Lib Dems too.

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