Crises show the world in black and white. Through despair and chaos, solutions of remarkable simplicity come to the fore. And so it is today. No tax cuts, no jobs. No jobs, no Conservative victory. It’s that simple.

The cards dealt by the voters force us to fight the crisis with measures muddled by LibDems who can’t choose between the Orange Book and Das Kapital. Taxes: we cut a few and raise a few. We say we cut spending but increase state infrastructure projects. We cut welfare but send more welfare abroad. We veto the EU one day and give in on all the other days. Nothing really changes and oh, surprise, economic growth flatlines. And the council flat tenant on an estate in Corby asks us: “But why, WHY, should I vote for you?” And do you know the answer?

Here is one. We just have to say it as it is. Don’t beat about the bush. Don’t invent lofty principles or talk about fairness or society, which means a different thing to every person on this planet. Just tell the voters in Corby: “We will cut tax for companies, so they can create jobs. You will find a job, and won’t have to rely on state hand-outs”. It is true, it works, and it’s that easy.

While we’re at it we may wish to provide some information of what the others are up to. “Labour wants to take your job away, and make you welfare dependent instead. Labour will tax companies more, and your job will disappear to China and India. Labour will use that money to spend more on bureaucrats who will regulate you, and on state projects which are nothing but expensive and wasteful white elephants”.

Hammer away at this remarkably simple message day after day. Look the voter in the eyes and infuse him with the fire of a better future for him and his children.

Just tell is as it is. And Corby will be won. And Bolsover will be won. And the North will be won. And Britain will be won.