By Tim Montgomerie
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1.4 billion people live on £1 or less every day. "Live Below The Line" is a campaign that challenges people in the developed world to do the same.

20,000 people in Britain, America and Australia accepted the challenge this year including Tory peer Anne Jenkin, who also established Conservatives for International Development.

As part of her £1-a-day experience she cooked for special guests for a special online edition of Channel 4's Come Dine With Me. Her guests including former Scottish first minister Jack McConnell and Made in Chelsea star Francis Bouille. Watch the video below as she treats her fellow diners to such delicacies as Dahl Delight with Optimistic Onions!

As well as raising awareness of global poverty Baroness Jenkin hopes to raise £20,000 in sponsorship for Restless Development. See her page here.