Cameron and Merkel watch Chelsea

Via the White House flickr feed. Let us know your ideas for a caption for this photo. Play nice!

Monday morning update, the best captions:

Opinions are divided among world leaders upon announcement of the breakup of the Eurozone – James

"I've just beaten my high score on Fruit Ninja!" – tomdaylight

"My SPADS told me to raise my hands in celebration when the round thing goes through the opposing team's white rectangle. But did I get the correct rectangle?" – Phil Kean

"YES – Greece have been knocked out of Eurozone 2012 in the last minute of extra time !!" – Dick Dolby

The Prime Minister displays statesmanlike impatiality after the results of the recent elections to the1922 committee finally get through to Camp David. – Princess Mathilde

At a screening of the Iron Lady, reactions are mixed as Thatcher says "Sink it!" – Archimedes