By Matthew Barrett
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ConHome-David-CameronThere are three polls out tonight from the Sunday papers which will give us some picture of the public reaction to the Budget. The first poll, from ICM/the Sunday Telegraph carries bad news for the Government. Findings include:

  • Labour 38 (+2) Conservative 37 (-2) Lib Dem 13 (-2)
  • 88% object to the planned 3p rise in fuel duty this summer
  • The "granny tax" is opposed by 63% of voters, including 64% of pensioners, and only 22% of voters support it. The Sunday Telegraph says: "Tory supporters oppose it by the narrow margin of two per cent, however, with the margin among Labour and Lib Dem voters much wider."
  • Only 8% of those polled thought they and their families will be better off as a result of the Budget. 37% believe they will be worse off
  • 56% of those polled disagree with the 50p rate cut, with 36 per cent supporting it
  • Plans to cut an extra £10billion from welfare payments are opposed by 48%, but 40% support them
  • Raising stamp duty on the sale of £2 million-plus properties is supported by 70% of people
  • Raising the income tax threshold to £9,205 is supported by 79%
  • 60% support the extra cut of one percentage point in corporation tax to help businesses
  • George Osborne's plan to remove Child Benefit from households where an earner is on more than £50,000 is backed by 59%
  • Only 37% of voters agree with scrapping Sunday trading laws, with 55% wanting to stick to the current six-hour opening limit

We will update this post with details of the other polls when we get them.

10pm Update via UKPollingReport:

"YouGov for the Sunday Times has topline figures of CON 35%, LAB 42%, LDEM 10%. This follows on from an eight point lead in YouGov’s Wed-Thurs poll for the Sun, so adds further weight to the evidence that the budget has produced a shift towards Labour."