By Tim Montgomerie
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Let's end the day with some good news… although judging from the uncharitable comments some readers left beneath this morning's Sayeeda Warsi post there are plenty of you out there who'll always find something negative to say.

ConHQ has launched a new service called Conservative Association Membership Services (CAMS). Although it's a slightly creepy name it's a useful innovation that will help Associations to manage their membership renewals. For a £4 levy per renewal CAMS will handle local parties' membership admin, allowing local parties to focus on campaigning rather than admin. Membership processing is not every Association's strong suit as a mystery shopper exercise proved last year.

CAMS has also been used to invite 192,000 lapsed members back into party membership. The 192,000 identified by CCHQ's Merlin software system were contacted in the middle of last week. The Thursday, Friday and Saturday post has already brought in 2,900 renewals. Of the 1,800 processed so far, new membership subs of £52,000 have been received and an additional £16,000 of donations have been made. A mail campaigns expert says that this rate of return will probably conclude with 10,000 renewals in total and renewals and donations of £300,000.

Co-Tory Chairman Lord Feldman told ConHome that Philip Dumville and Philip Smith of the Conservative Party Prize Draw (the proceeds from which exceed the contribution from any one single donor) deserve the credit for this initiative.

For those wanting more information about CAMS please email Mike.Dolley[AT]