By Paul Goodman
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Chris Grayling, the Employment Minister, has denied claims this morning that the Government has abandoned demands for the repatriation of powers because of the Eurozone crisis.

The Daily Telegraph reports him as saying that the Coalition's priority is to "get a solution to the Eurozone crisis" and that he cannot give a timetable for Britain seeking to repatriate employment powers.

The Times says that David Cameron is "preparing to forgo the chance of winning back powers from Brussels as he tries to prevent the eurozone crisis from pulling the British economy under".

Speaking to ConservativeHome, Grayling said that there is no incompatibility between the Government seeking to help resolve the Eurozone crisis and pushing for the repatriation of powers.

He said: "There has been no change in the Government's position, and my comments have been misinterpreted.  I am completely clear that any move towards greater fiscal union will have to be accompanied by significant renegotiation."

In a Telegraph interview earlier this month, Grayling said that he was sympathetic to the calls from dozens of back-bench Conservative MPs for a referendum on Britain’s EU membership and that the “renegotiation” of the relationship was now the minimum requirement.