By Tim Montgomerie
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"Conservatives never seem to understand the importance of language as much as their Labour opponents do."

So it says at the top of Graeme Archer's latest Telegraph column; "Why the Left is winning the fight over the wrongs of the Human Rights Act".

I'm 100% with Graeme on the importance of language (especially the power of moral language) and although I'm not entirely sure that the Left is winning the fight with the public (look at this poll) our task is certainly made a lot harder if Conservatives look like we want to 'scrap human rights'.

The reality of the Conservative position is that we don't want to abolish the Human Rights Act but replace it with a British Bill of Rights. That's a much easier position to advance and we should be very disciplined in always stating that.

But, as we learnt yesterday, the Lib Dems stand in the way of common sense prevailing.

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