By Jonathan Isaby

John Baron Just before the Commons rose for its three-week Easter recess, I speculated that there was a higher than usual possibility of a recall of Parliament owing to events in Libya.

And today the first demand for such a recall has come from a Conservative MP, John Baron.

Baron – who was the sole Tory to oppose the military action in Libya – reckons that this morning's article by David Cameron, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy (already covered here on ConHome this morning) shows that the allies have changed the terms of the intervention.

He has just told the BBC:

"I believe Parliament should be recalled. This statement is a clear alteration to the original mission and that would justify a recall. When we debated this the case was put this was a humanitarian mission. Clearly that is no longer the case and maybe never was. If you were being charitable you could say this was an example of mission creep. If you were being uncharitable [you] could say it was an ulterior motive."

> On March 29th, Mr Baron set out his view on ConHome that Cameron and Sarkozy have intervened in Libya to secure regime change but are not willing to admit it.

1.15pm update:

Former shadow home secretary David Davis has just added his voice to calls for a recall. He has told Radio 4's World at One:

"Parliament did not authorise the next phase of this. I approve the of the next phase. I think it's necessary, I think it's probably unavoidable, and I think Cameron has done the right thing at every step so far – to go to the next phase he has to get Parliamentary authority".

Meanwhile Wellingborough MP Peter Bone has also said that the Commons should be abel to debate these latest developments:

"I'm not taking a view on the arguments. I'm saying I want to hear the arguments and want Parliament to take a view on it."

Mr Baron has also confirmed that he has fornally written to the Speaker requesting a recall.

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