Tory MP Philip Davies has attacked the idea of John Prescott going to the House of lords:

"The House of Lords is the last place John Prescott should be going. Apart from his hopeless record in office, he is the world’s leading class warrior with a chip on his shoulder so big it requires planning permission. Mind, I suppose his famous episode of playing croquet at Dorneywood was all just preparation for donning the ermine."

Mr Davies makes the case against Mr Prescott within a Mail on Sunday story about likely nominations to the Lords by the party leaders.

John Reid and Ruth Kelly are likely to be among the Labour nominees but more controversially Sion Simon is also tipped for a seat in the Upper House. He made way for Jack Dromey, Harriet Harman's husband.

John Gummer, Michael Ancram and Sir Michael Spicer are among the Tories likely to be enobled by David Cameron.

Tim Montgomerie

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