Picture 6 At Northern Ireland questions yesterday, the Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward confirmed that Lord Savile was yesterday finally due to deliver his report about the events of Bloody Sunday to his department for national security checks in advance of publication. The Inquiry was established back in 1998.

Blaby's Conservative MP, Andrew Robathan, rasied his doubts as to whether it had all been worthwhile:

"What took place on Bloody Sunday was a tragedy, whoever was to blame.
It took place nearly 40 years ago. We have spent £200 million of
taxpayers’ money and 12 years looking at the issues, probably just to
stir up old enmities and reopen old sores. Does the Secretary of State
think that it is all worth doing?"

Mr Woodward responded by asserting that "without the Saville inquiry, there would have been no stable peace process".

Jonathan Isaby