Picture 10 At Business Questions yesterday, shadow Leader of the House Sir George Young set out his prediction of the timetable by which Gordon Brown will call the general election:

"On dates, this is the last time we shall have business questions until
25 February, and there is still no news of the Easter recess… Let me put to the
right hon. and learned Lady a scenario on which I believe it might be
sensible to proceed. I suggest that the Prime Minister will visit the
palace on 29 March and announce the election, that the House will
adjourn for the Easter recess on Maundy Thursday and not return, that
Her Majesty will dissolve Parliament on 12 April, with a general
election on 6 May, and that some of us will return for swearing in on
12 May. Would the right hon. and learned Lady like to confirm or deny

Harman's unsurprisingly, had no intention of doing so:

"As for an election date, I shall not be announcing that as part of the business of the House."

Jonathan Isaby