Greg Clark MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, has issued this statement in response to the outcome of the Copenhagen talks:

"Although some progress has been made, it is clear that the Copenhagen accord has fallen short of what we hoped it could achieve. The accord is not legally binding, is vague about where the funding for adaptation will come from, and is unclear about when emissions should be cut and by how much.

Copenhagen must now be seen as the beginning, not the end, of further progess.  Talks must continue during the months ahead until a real deal is agreed.  It is particularly important to agree how the concrete actions to confront the here-and-now of climate change – like helping poor countries adapt to the changing climate and halting the destruction of the rainforests – will be funded.

I made it clear in Copenhagen that, if negotiations continue beyond the General Election and Conservatives were in Government, there would be no let up in our determination to secure a rigorous global deal.  We would also be a beacon to other countries by kickstarting practical action at home to cut energy consumption and become a low carbon economy."

Tim Montgomerie