Some news from last week with which I am only just catching up: the ballot has been held for MPs seeking to present a Private Members' Bill this session and of the twenty names pulled out of the hat, eight are Conservatives.

The full list is below, but we shouldn't get too excited – few PMBs are successful, even in a full session, so in a session being truncated due to the general election, the chances of getting a law onto the statute book are virtually nil.

We will discover the subject of the Bills which the MPs intend to present in January, but in the meantime readers may have suggestions of their own…

  1. Brian Iddon (Lab)
  2. David Chaytor (Ind Lab)
  3. Andrew Gwynne (Lab)
  4. Albert Owen (Lab)
  5. Julie Morgan (Lab)
  6. Anthony Steen (Con)
  7. Alistair Burt (Con)
  8. John Smith (Lab)
  9. Chris Grayling (Con)
  10. Nigel Dodds (DUP)
  11. Richard Taylor (Ind)
  12. Simon Hughes (LD)
  13. Nigel Waterson (Con)
  14. Douglas Carswell (Con)
  15. Bob Spink (Ind)
  16. Mark Hoban (Con)
  17. David Cairns (Lab)
  18. Richard Shepherd (Con)
  19. David Heath (LD)
  20. Mark Field (Con)

Jonathan Isaby