Gummer-John The Save General Election Night early day motion has now attracted 216 signatures from MPs of all parties in the Commons, which is a pretty impressive number: only 20 of the 2,569 other EDMS tabled this session have attracted more support.

Yesterday, former Cabinet minister John Gummer tabled an amendment to the main motion, laying the blame for the danger to General Election Night on the Government for the changes to postal voting rules it has brought in over recent years.

His amendment reads:

"in addition notes that the failure of the Government to
put into position proper safeguards against the fraudulent use of
postal votes; further notes that the rules regarding postal votes are
the reason for the difficulties in counting votes in the traditional
manner; and calls on the Government to change the arrangements for
postal votes to make it possible for local authorities to complete
their count on Thursday night."

Jonathan Isaby

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