The motion put forward by Nick Brown MP was as follows:

"That the Resolutions of the House of 30 January 1989 relating to House of Commons Services and 6 December 1991 relating to Access (Former members and United Kingdom members of the European Parliament) shall cease to have effect insofar as they relate to United Kingdom members of the European Parliament."

Labour MP Andrew Dismore explained the aim:

"On a point of order, Mr. Deputy Speaker. As you know, motion 52 excludes Members of the European Parliament from gaining access to the House through passes, which would of course mean that the newly elected British National party Members would not be allowed to get into this place. Most Members are of the view that that should be the case."

Christopher Chope MP objected to the motion in order to have it debated.

Some weeks ago Fraser Nelson explained why he opposed the change:

"Thatcher killed off the National Front in the late 70s by taking the issue immigration head-on. But David Cameron won't. He thinks the subject scares away voters in the marginal seats he needs to take power. This is the problem. Westminster only cares about swing voters in swing seats – so millions are forgotten. As an MEP, Nick Griffin is entitled to use the Commons bars and dining facilities. The MPs' response? Ban him. Pathetic. If I had my way, I'd base Griffin in Westminster so MPs would see his smug face walking past every day. He is a reminder of THEIR failure to reach out to forgotten voters. Their failure to grapple with difficult subjects. Griffin's BNP have had more votes than Mosley's blackshirts, or the National Front could ever dream of. And the silence from Westminster suggests that its shocking success story is far from over."

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