SUN-SAYS "We are in the middle of the worst financial crash in living memory. Our heroes are fighting and dying in a vicious war 3,500 miles from home. And our MPs are about to take one of their longest holidays ever. Next Tuesday politicians pack their bags and leave Westminster for TWELVE WEEKS. This is after 24 days off at Christmas and New Year, a 10-day winter half-term break, a 17-day Easter hol and 10 days at Whitsun. You might think they would have reconsidered their 82-day summer snooze if only to restore their reputation after the expenses scandal. No one wants even more interference in our lives by MPs hanging around looking for things to do. We are already over-governed. That is why their numbers – currently a bloated 646 – need cutting in half. Just like the holiday time of those who are left. Then they can do a proper job of vetting what Ministers do, instead of nodding through half-baked laws."

Read the full attack here.

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