A poll of 873 adults by PoliticsHome finds strong support for more co-operation between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

Conservative strategists are delighted at the politics of Wednesday's vote on Gurkhas.  They believe it sent out two key messages: (1) Brown is isolated and (2) the Conservatives are the reasonable party, prepared to work with others.

ConHome reported in February that the Conservatives are considering "generous outreach" to the Liberal Democrats in the event of an election victory:

"A group of shadow ministers believe that one of Tony Blair's bigger strategic mistakes was to row back on co-operation with the Liberal Democrats when he won such a large Commons majority in 1997.  These shadow ministers believe that – contrary to Labour's 'under-delivery' to the LibDems – the Conservatives should deliver more in practical co-operation in government than they promise in opposition."

At his monthly press conference yesterday Mr Cameron admitted that he didn't know Nick Clegg well but restated his December 2005 identity as a "liberal conservative" and he said that the Conservatives will work with the Liberal Democrats on issues of common interest, such as the environment, strengthening local govenment and opposing the surveillance state.

Tim Montgomerie

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