Picture 1 Whilst I don't expect to be seeing the former Pulp frontman given a speaking slot at a Tory conference any time soon, Jarvis Cocker has declared a Conservative victory at the next general election to be "necessary".

In the new edition of GQ magazine, the singer is quoted as saying:

"A Conservative government is necessary… Labour has
been in power for a certain amount of time and (apart from the
Conservatives) there is no credible alternative, so if you're not going
to have Labour you're going to have the Conservatives. You can sense an
era passing."

He goes on to conclude that the efforts of Gordon Brown are "all a bit lame".

Since the publication of the magazine, Cocker has released a statement emphasising that he is not giving his personal support to the Conservatives, but rather saying that a Tory victory "seems inevitable".

Even so, it's another nail in the coffin of the Labour Government when its former celebrity cheerleaders offer these kinds of assessments.

Jonathan Isaby