Over the weekend I published a leaflet from Lorraine Fullbrook that presented nine winsome Tory policies to the voters of South Ribble.

A week ago I published a 'Medicine manifesto' of policies that Britain needed and which weren't necessarily Tory policy.

Later this week I plan to publish a mini manifesto of existing Tory policies – bringing together the electorally potent policies and the transformational policies.  Sometimes they'll be different and sometimes the same.

In my mind the most electorally potent Tory policy is our pledge on inheritance tax.

The most transformational policy is the Michael Gove policy of allowing parents to establish schools – schools that will be able to decide their own system of examination and teachers' pay and conditions.

Please use the thread below to answer the questions for yourself and help me compile the manifesto.  If we can avoid getting sidetracked into discussion of policies not yet in the manifesto I would be grateful!

Tim Montgomerie

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