Some grim figures just released on unemployment: it has risen 177,000 in the three months to February to reach 2.1 million.

Another figure released this Budget Day morning is public sector net borrowing, which reached £90 billion in the last financial year.

All will doubtless be raised in the Commons later.

Update: Shadow work and pensions secretary Theresa May has responded by describing the fact that unemployment is now higher than when Labour came to power as "a grim milestone". She said:

“No amount of Labour spin can cover up the fact this government closed a job centre every week in 2008 while unemployment was rising; no amount of Labour spin can hide the fact that this government is cutting help for the long term unemployed this summer; no amount of Labour spin cover up that this is a government that won't allow many people to retrain until after 18 months of being on job seekers allowance."

Jonathan Isaby

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