These reasons were put out in a leaflet (PDF) at Tory Spring Forum:

  1. Fighting for British jobs by opposing job-destroying EU legislation like the Working Time Directive.
  2. Opening up new markets for British business in sectors such as services, telecoms and energy.
  3. Tory MEPs have defended British traditions – defeating attempts to ban the sale of goods in pounds and ounces. Tory MEPs have also fought for honesty in online air fare advertising and limited roaming charges for mobile phone use in Europe.
  4. Meps0208 Conservative MEPs have kept their promise to campaign against the revised Constitutional Treaty and for the British people to have a referendum on Lisbon.
  5. Conservative MEPs have voted to scrap wasteful EU spending, campaigned against the two homes for the European Parliament and to defend Margaret Thatcher's EU rebate.
  6. Conservative MEPs are the only UK party to have voted against signing off the EU accounts every year since 1998 given that the EU Court of Auditors continues to refuse to give the accounts a clean bill of health.
  7. Tory MEPs supported new EU legislation to cut carbon emmissions, promote renewable energy and control the use of dangerous chemicals.
  8. Conservative MEPs support reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and freer, fairer trade with the developing world.
  9. The Conservatives' Right To Know regime for expenses is the most transparent regime of any UK political party.
  10. On animal welfare the Tories in the European Parliament have successfully campaigned for bans on battery cages for chickens, improved conditions for rearing pigs and a ban in trade of cat and dog fur.

ConHome's Reason 11 would be Dan Hannan.  THAT speech to Gordon Brown in the European Parliament.  He addressed Spring Forum in Cheltenham yesterday.  It's a must-watch speech and thanks to ToryBear you can watch it here.

Tim Montgomerie

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