Populus have a poll for The Times that finds lots of voter satisfaction with Alistair Darling's Budget.  The small sample (518) backs the 50p tax rate by a large majority and also supports the new allowance for savers, the scrappage scheme for old cars and the increase in alcohol duty.

It would be right to be cautious about the political implications of the poll, however.  Not only is it a small sample it also reminds me of Populus' post-2008 Budget poll.  That suggested positive voter reaction to individual Budget measures and failed to predict the very big boost to Tory fortunes that two conventional voter intention polls found within days.

PoliticsHome are tonight predicting that we'll soon return to Tory leads of 20% and more.  Bold stuff.  I certainly expect the Budget to have enhanced still further the Tories' electoral position.

Tim Montgomerie

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