MarketingSciences An opinion poll for The Sunday Telegraph puts the Tories 17% ahead.  That's an increased lead of 4% and would give the Conservatives a parliamentary majority of  114 according to UK Polling Report's Swing Calculator.

The poll is by a new entity called Marketing Sciences Ltd.  I understand that it is a sister company to ICM.  The changes in the graphic are therefore compared with the most recent ICM poll.  I have not put the numbers into the ConHome Poll of Polls, however, because I don't know if Marketing Sciences will be polling regularly.

Other poll findings:

  • Voters think that Brown is MORE likely to resort to spin than Tony Blair.  Quite something!
  • 36% of voters blame Brown for presiding over a dirty tricks culture in Downing Street but a larger proportion, 50% do not.
  • 75% of voters say dumping Brown will make no difference to how they would vote.  Of those for whom it might make a difference 13% say it would make them less likely to support Labour and 11% more likely.

Tim Montgomerie

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