GOVE MICHAEL RED TIE Michael Gove's reputation for being the Mr Radical of the shadow cabinet is further enhanced today with the announcement that he would extend the Government's academy programme to primary schools.

The policy – which he will address when speaking to the Spring Forum in Cheltenham later today – is announced through an interview in The Guardian and he summarises it thus to the BBC:

"Academy freedoms for secondary schools have already helped
thousands of disadvantaged children by driving up standards in the
state sector. We want to allow the same thing to happen in primary schools. Making schools genuinely accountable to parents by freeing them
from political interference and giving them control over budgets,
curriculum and staff could make a real difference to the opportunities
for some of the most deprived children."

In his Guardian interview he adds:

"This is the next logical stage in what we have been saying about reform… We are carrying forward the Blair agenda in education to where he would have wanted to take it."

Gordon Brown shuffled Lord Adonis – the godfather of the academies under Tony Blair – away from the schools brief last year, but Gove strongly believes that this is the direction in which Adonis would have wanted to develop the policy, had the Prime Minister allowed him to do so.

According to the Guardian report, a Conservative Government would introduce legislation to create the primary academies "within weeks of an election victory".

Jonathan Isaby

> Watch Michael Gove discuss the policy

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