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It was a real tour de force from David Cameron, who gave it both barrels at the Government, and the snippets below cannot do his rhetoric justice. The one question which David Cameron now has to answer, however, is whether the Conservatives will go along with the proposed 50p top rate of tax the Government has now proposed.

Picture 2 1.36pm David Cameron sits down.

1.35pm All Labour Governments run out of money… what is the point of having another 14 months of this Government of the living dead?

1.34pm The Budget included "a few clever political taxes on the rich before the election".

1.33pm This Budget was a missed opportunity. Where was the plan to end tripartite regulation of the banks for example?

1.32pm Darling used to say 8% borrowing would have been out of control. What does that make 11.9%? No country is borrowing more than we are.

1.31pm Where are the various government schemes announced? No homeowner has received a penny under one scheme announced last year.

1.30pm This isn't a stimulus – it's a delayed tax rise… the Government ran out of money.

1.29pm Every single prediction has been wrong.This isn't boom and bust – it's the worst boom and bust ever. The VAT cut has failed by the Government's own yardstick.

1.28pm They've broken a manifesto pledge not to put up income tax. Drinkers, drivers will pay the price as well.

1.26pm The forecast were "fiction". These figures are so bad that the PM and the Chancellor have had to do a spectacular U-turn – over £10 billion of cuts over two years. No one will ever believe a word they say about spending cuts ever again.

1.25pm It will be a "trampoline recovery" if the forecasts are right about how fast the economy will grow.

1.24pm "Our children are going to be in poverty for decades". They will never forgive the people who ahev done this, Britain cannot afford another five years of Labour.

1.23pm Labour have made an "utter mess" of the economy. Any claim they made to economic competence is dead, over, finished.

Jonathan Isaby

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