ICMGuardian After the weekend polls showing Labour support down an ICM survey for The Guardian will disappoint CCHQ.  The Tory lead is down to 10%.  It was 13% at the end of March.

7am on Tuesday 21st April

Whereas the headline voting intention figure appears to suggest a drop in Conservative support, there is better news on the question about which party is most trusted to handle the economy, as The Guardian reports:

"But underlying trends are worrying for Labour. In particular, the
government is losing trust on the economy, while the Conservatives are
winning it. Asked whether they trust the Tory team of David
Cameron and George Osborne, or Labour's Gordon Brown and Alistair
Darling, to run the economy, 45% pick the Tories and 35% Labour.

ICM last asked the question, in January this year, the Tory lead was
just two points, 37-35. In January 2008, Labour led by seven points,
39-32. That means the opposition is now polling ahead of its
overall party vote score on economic competence. In the past this issue
has been seen as Tory weakness."

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