Picture 6 I wondered this morning whether the words "I am sorry" would pass Gordon Brown's lips over the emails sent by his (now former) chief strategist Damian McBride, which planned to smear a number of Conservative politicians.

Well, a good five days after the Conservatives first demanded such an apology, it appears to have been forthcoming.

Picture 10 The BBC is reporting that during his visit to Glasgow, where the Cabinet is meeting, the Prime Minister has said:

"I am sorry about what happened… I wrote to those people affected, expressing deep regret, and the person responsible went immediately… I take full responsibility for what happened. That's why the person who was responsible went."

1.45pm Update:

Nadine Dorries – one of the MPs who was subject of the smear emails – is still unsatisfied. PoliticsHome records what she told Sky News:

"I'd love to accept this apology but what we are seeing here is another example of how this government spins," she said.

"It is spin and news management again".

said the Prime Minister had only said sorry today because "a bad news
story is coming out which he wanted to surpress" referring to the
recent news that no charges will be brought against Damian Green. 

also wasn't happy with the apology as Mr Brown "didn’t say he was sorry
to me, he said he was sorry to a camera crew in Glasgow – which is not
the same thing."

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne, meanwhile, had this to say:

"It's come a little late this apology. It's shame we had to ask or it. The Prime Minister has at last, many days later admitted full
responsibility and that is fine. People will draw their own conclusions
about the kind of government he runs."

Jonathan Isaby