OsborneAndrewMarr Nadine Dorries has made clear her views about being a subject of the planned Labour smear operation and Gordon Brown's reaction to it over the last few days, as did David Cameron yesterday.

The other named Conservative who was a subject of the McBride emails, George Osborne, has now broken his silence.

He has seen a copy of Gordon Brown's letter of regret but has told one of his local papers, the Northwich Guardian that the Prime Minister should say sorry:  

“It’s up to him what he does. I think he should say sorry.”

Mr Osborne explained that he had been spending the Easter break with his family in his Tatton constituency.

“You have to try and learn to ignore these things. We were enjoying an Easter break with our kids… I hope people can see this for what it is… I want to show that politics isn’t like this.”

Jonathan Isaby