RefPoster David Cameron has just launched the above poster as part of the Conservative campaign for the European Parliament election.

With the Constitution-cum-Treaty still yet to be ratified in Ireland, Czech Republic and Poland, Mr Cameron said now was the time to "maximise the pressure" on the Government to hold the referendum it promised at the last election. Indeed, he pointed out that the Conservatives were the only party which had stuck by its word on the issue (since the Lib Dems changed their tune as well).

Given recent U-Turns by Gordon Brown on public spending, MPs' allowances and "Titan" prisons, he said that he wanted another U-Turn – "and what better U-Turn to have than one on the European Constitution?".

In answer to the inevitable questions from the media about what the party would do if the Treaty has come into force across the EU if and when Cameron becomes Prime Minister and forms a government, Mr Cameron pointed out that people were saying the same thing a year ago, that it would have been ratified across the EU, "but here we are a year later and they still haven't… so let's concentrate on the here and now".

He repeated the familiar mantra that in such an eventuality, "we will not let matters rest there", but repeated that "the key thing is to maximise the pressure now" on Gordon Brown and Labour.

Jonathan Isaby

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