Picture 11 Ten days ago, shadow home secretary Chris Grayling demanded that the Government put a stop to storing the samples of innocent people on the national DNA database.

No surprise then, that shadow home affairs minister Damian Green – a free man after the CPS decided not to prosecute him over the Home Office leaks – is making an issue out of the fact that his DNA is now stored on that database.

According to The Times:

A sample was taken when he was arrested in connection with leaks from the Home Office and can be retained even though he has not been charged. The law also allows samples taken from people who are subsequently acquitted to be kept.

The Ashford MP and Tory immigration spokesman is to ask Sir Paul Stephenson, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, to remove his sample from the database. He said: "I believe that no innocent people should have their DNA on the database."

Quite right too.

Jonathan Isaby

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