GREEN-DAMIAN-RED-TIE Sky News are reporting that tomorrow the Crown Prosecution Service is to announce its decision on whether to proceed with a case following the arrest of shadow immigration minister Damian Green last November.

A decision is expected to be made public at 11am.

Mr Green was arrested and his house and Commons office searched (without a warrant, lest we forget) as the police investigated leaks from the Home Office, reportedly coming from a civil servant, Christopher Galley, who had met with Damian Green on various occasions and passed on information which he felt was in the public interest.

As long ago as mid-December it was being reported that the case was set to be dropped, but there is at present no indication of what the CPS decision tomorrow will be.

The ConservativeHome view remains that Mr Green was acting in the public interest and the sooner this cloud no longer hangs over him, the better.

Jonathan Isaby

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