The BBC also reports that the Prime Minister has requested that the code of conduct for advisers be tightened up to prevent any similar incident.

Dorries Nadine on Sky Nadine Dorries MP, one of the Tories targeted by Damian McBride's smear operation, told the Radio 4 PM programme that she would be pleased to receive a letter of apology from Gordon Brown but talk of revising the code of conduct governing advisers was just more spin.  What most needed to be done was implementation of the existing code.

Nadine Dorries – who, with Chris Grayling, has been leading on 'smeargate' in the media for the Conservatives – is right.  It's not the letter of the code that is the key problem.  It's the culture of New Labour.  The personal attacks began in opposition when John Major's government was subject to a massive onslaught… continued throughout the Blair years against all critics… characterised the briefings by Brownites against Blair… and culminated in this latest episode.  One gets the feeling that Mr Brown is sorry but sorry for being found out rather than for any hurt his operation has caused.

Tim Montgomerie

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