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Less than an hour ago I reported a Sunday Telegraph survey with the Tories 17% ahead.

8.30am on Sunday 19th April

BrownCameronComparisons We now have more details of the BPIX poll:

  • David Cameron wipes the floor with Gordon Brown on all but one measures of personal qualities.  Voters think he is stronger, more likeable, more honest, more trustworthy and more competent than the Prime Minister.  Brown is also seen as more out of touch, twice as sleazy and more interested in himself.  The only fly in the ointment for David Cameron is that by 30% to 29% voters survey by the Mail on Sunday/ BPIX see the Tory leader as more shallow than Brown.
  • The Liberal Democrats are at 17%.
  • 33% of voters think that Labour is MORE sleazy than the John Major Tories, 23% LESS sleazy. 32% say there is no difference.
  • 25% say Brown's Downing Street operation is dirtier than Blair's.  Only 6% say it is not.
  • 44% say Brown is a worse PM than Blair.  Just 10% say he is better.

More in the Mail on Sunday.

Tim Montgomerie

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