The above graph features in today’s Financial Times, illustrating an analysis of recent opinion polls and how the parties are faring among voters from the different socio-economic groups.

All recent opinion polls point to the Conservatives winning a working majority in the Commons at the next election, but this report suggests that there is one group of voters who are less likely to vote Conservative now compared with this time last year.

The group in question are the C2s – the skilled working class or "White Van Man", if you like – and over the last twelve months there has apparently been a 2% swing among them from the Conservatives back to Labour. Whilst the Tories do still have a very small lead over Labour among the C2s, this is the only demographic group to see a swing against the overall national trend.

Their support was crucial in sending Margaret Thatcher into Downing Street – with the "Right to Buy" seen as a Tory policy which was particularly attractive to them.

What should David Cameron be doing/saying/promising to ensure that a sizeable number of them are in the Tory fold come the next election?

Jonathan Isaby

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