Ken Livingstone is being Ken Livingstone in an interview with the London Evening Standard.  This quotation stood out from Mr Class War:

"We should shoot one banker a week until the others improve."

He confirms he’d like to run against Boris Johnson in 2012 but Tory members see Sir Alan Sugar as a potentially more formidable Labour candidate.  This was the percentages from our recent monthly survey answering "Who do you think would be Boris’ most dangerous opponent in 2012?"

  • Sir Alan Sugar: 31%
  • Ken Livingstone: 28%
  • Trevor Phillips: 13%
  • Jon Cruddas: 8%
  • Oona King: 6%
  • Tony McNulty: 3%
  • John McDonnell: 1%

David ‘Mastermind’ Lammy was written in most often in the ‘Other category’.

The same survey of Tory members found great optimism about Boris’ re-election hopes.  76% thought it was quite likely; just 5% unlikely and the remainder saying "it’s too early to tell".

I’m with the "too early to tells."  When Boris won last year the average Tory poll lead was 12.2% in the ConHome Poll of Polls.  As blogged on Sunday Boris could be facing re-election two years into a
Conservative government that is making tough judgments on tax and

Tim Montgomerie

> Tory members sceptical about Boris’ Prime Ministerial prospects

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