Iain Dale wrote a short but exasperated blog post late last night in which he expressed his frustration at the Conservatives’ failure to oppose the Government on two measures yesterday: the part-privatisation of the Post Office and the blocking of the release of Cabinet minutes discussing the decision to go to war in Iraq.

On the latter issue, I am on the record as writing here just last month that Cabinet minutes are best kept private if we seriously want a return to Cabinet government, so I wholeheartedly back Jack Straw on that one;  on the Post Office my instinct too is that the Conservatives are right to back the Government.

But do you agree? Should the attitude of being a mature opposition, supporting the Government when it is doing the right thing, be scrapped in favour of bashing Labour whenever it might be politically expedient to do so?

Or should the party always put the country first, supporting Labour on certain issues, even if it means foregoing the possibility of inflicting an embarrassing defeat or two on the Government?

Jonathan Isaby

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