Highlights, not verbatim:

12.52pm: Martin Day notes Brown’s "depression" gaffe.

TIM MONTGOMERIE’S VERDICT: "An unexceptional PMQs with David Cameron and Gordon Brown agreeing on the need to oppose protectionism but Cameron failing to get an apology from the Prime Minister for his British Jobs for British Workers remark.  Gordon Brown ended his final answer to David Cameron with a big attack on the Conservatives for ‘talking Britain down’.  I wonder if that’s Labour’s new attack line?"

12.30pm: Brian Binley notes that a quarter of all council tax is now used for pensions.  He describes this as a "national pension outrage".  Brown says Tories should not attack local authority employees.

12.22pm: Labour MP (don’t know who – nor did the BBC or Sky captioners) asks a question about unregulated capitalism while chewing gum.  Unbelievable!

12.15pm: Nick Clegg asks about The Guardian’s investigation into British companies avoiding corporation tax.  Isn’t it time, he says, for ‘British taxes for British companies’?  Brown responds by saying he’ll work internationally to clamp down on tax avoidance and wonders why the Liberal Democrats haven’t returned a donation from a tax-dodging donor.

12.10pm: Cameron accuses Brown of taking people for fools again by
talking free trade at international gatherings and pandering to
isolationism at home with his BJFBW phrase.  One of the Prime
Minister’s faults is that he doesn’t admit mistakes when they stare
every one in the face.  The Conservative leader lists Brown’s BJFBW
expression, the claim of ending boom and bust and the idea that Britain
was well-placed to beat recession.  Promise to not use the expression
again, says Cameron.  Brown replies that the biggest error is to talk
Britain down, to talk the pound down and to speculate about Britain
needing to go to the IMF.

12.09pm: Labour MPs jeer loudly as Cameron accuses the Prime
Minister of "opportunism" and "pandering to people’s fears".  He calls
on Mr Brown to apologise.  Brown replies that he is working overtime to
free world trade and to provide British workers with more skills.

12.07pm: Cameron urges the Prime Minister to admit that his British
Jobs for British Workers expression was an error of judgment and a nod
towards protectionist sentiment.  Brown replies: Can anyone in this
House say they don’t want British workers to get jobs?

12.02pm: David Cameron urges Brown to send the strongest message to
America that provisions in the draft stimulus bill that are
protectionist are unacceptable. Gordon Brown replies that the biggest
danger facing the world is a retreat into protectionism.  Brown says
progress at Doha is not just important for Britain and wealthy nations
but for poor nations, in particular.

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