EDITORIAL VERDICT: An unmemorable PMQs. Unfocused questions from David Cameron.

Highlights, not verbatim:

12.12pm: Nick Clegg reminds Brown of various broken promises. He accuses the Prime Minister of being a "say anything, do nothing" politician.  [Alan Duncan is overheard repeatedly saying "a very bad hair day" during the Liberal Democrat leader’s questions].

12.09pm: This is a government that gets its facts wrong and never apologises, says David Cameron. Incompetence plus arrogance equals two million unemployed.  Brown responds by quoting a previous speech by David Cameron in favour of lower regulation. His judgment is consistently wrong, he says.

12.07pm: Does the PM agree, says David Cameron, with Ed Balls that we are in the worst economic shape for 100 years? The Prime Minister doesn’t answer the question but says the Conservative Party opposed the rise in child benefit, in pensions, in infrastructure spending and of a cut in VAT.

12.05pm: No apology about boom and bust. No apology about Britain’s deep recession. The bankers apologise.  Why won’t the Prime Minister apologise for appointing this man to a senior post? [The Speaker issues a stern warning to David Cameron for another use of "You" towards the Prime Minister].

12.02pm: Does the PM not accept, says David Cameron, that he was guilty of a serious error of judgment in appointing a man to the FSA – Sir James Crosby – who may have fired a HBOS whistleblower? Gordon Brown urges the Conservative Party not to rush to judgment.

Noon: Sir James Crosby has resigned from the FSA. As Nick Robinson notes on BBC1, there are lots of just-in-time-for-PMQs resignations on Wednesday mornings!

Tim Montgomerie

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