ComresComRes appears to confirm the uptick in LibDem support already suggested by ICM and Populus.

It must be panic stations again in Labour HQ with the party’s poll rating down to 25% in this latest poll and 28.6% in the ConHome Poll of Polls (the lowest since last September).  In The Telegraph Andrew Porter and James Kirkup examine the increasingly gloomy mood in Downing Street.

The Conservatives are on course for a healthy majority but one poll question finds voters still unconvinced about Tory economic policy:

Outofrecession ComRes finds no evidence of an increase in support for smaller parties.  Anthony Wells had a good post on ‘others’ on Wednesday: "My guess is that that high others score contains lots of otherwise Labour voters who are annoyed with the government, went back to backing Labour after the bailout, and have now drifted off again."

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