Extremely sad news has just reached us.

David Cameron’s son, Ivan, died earlier today.

The BBC has more.

Needless to say, we send our deepest condolences to David, Samantha and the Cameron family.

Jonathan Isaby


The death of a child is a terrible, terrible thing. Extra terrible to
have to cope with such an enormity when in the public eye. There are
probably no words of comfort that can help the Camerons today but we
offer them our thoughts and prayers.  Janet Daley has posted a beautiful poem.

We are all shaped by our experiences.  Close friends of David Cameron
all say that Ivan was a huge influence on him.  It put his politics in
perspective but it also contributed to his respect for the NHS and to
his support for policies that help keep families together and strong.

The Conservative leader loved his son enormously.  His family life was
built around his care.  All those close to the Camerons, and all those
who visited his home, witnessed the huge demands involved in the care
of such a severely disabled child.  The amount of time that Cameron
spent away from the office sometimes worried political advisors but
every mother and father would understand why Cameron chose to devote so
much time to his precious son and to support Samantha.

Politics will soon resume but Gordon Brown – who lost his own baby daughter – issued this statement:

"Sarah and I were very saddened to hear of the death of
Ivan and we have sent our condolences to David and Samantha. The death
of a child is a loss no parent should have to bear. I know Ivan was a
child who brought joy to all those who knew him and his was a life
surrounded by love. The thoughts and prayers of the whole country are
with David, Samantha and their family."

Tim Montgomerie

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