According to The Sunday Telegraph, Chris Grayling promises to end the police’s increasing use of cautions for violent offenders.

Noting a 28% increase in the use of cautions over the last five years Mr Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary, says:

"If you are found carrying a knife, if you attack a stranger in the street, you should end up in the courts and then behind bars. You should not get a caution, or as I heard recently, a £65 penalty notice for carrying a three foot Samurai sword around. That must stop."

Mr Grayling may, however, face some headlines for the wrong reasons tomorrow.  The Sunday Mirror reports that he has claimed £100,000 for a London flat he is ‘rarely seen in’.  There is no suggestion of anything illegal but the newspaper’s Vincent Moss is noting a substantial capital gain for Mr Grayling on the flat for which the allowance is claimed plus the fact that his £1.5m constituency home is just 17 miles away.

11am Sunday: This comment from Phil Taylor is worth highlighting:

"Clearly the Mirror has no idea about London/Surrey geography or South East public transport. Either that or they are banking on their readers having no idea. Late at night after a debate or doing some political engagement the idea of walkng over to Waterloo and getting a train to Epsom and then maybe a cab or a lift from the wife from the station at 12.30am or 1am does not sound attractive. It would probably involve a door-to-door journey of 1.5 hours. A black cab would cost about £80 and still involve a 40 minute journey. I only live about 7 miles from central London in Ealing but I always leave an hour to get from here to the West End door-to-door. Having a second home is one thing, it helps get the job done. Calling a room in your sister’s house your main residence is just plain lying."

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