Going through the papers online this morning, I missed the fact that David Cameron had written in The Sun about the compensation being awarded to Abu Qatada (since his piece merely adjoins a news story rather than being an article in its own right).

Here are the key extracts:

"Unbelievably, taxpayers are going to have to pay him and other terrorist
suspects thousands in compensation for detaining them. It could have been more, but I resent every penny… This case was not even about whether he might be tortured if returned home —
just that he might not get a fair trial by our standards.

"Why should it be our responsibility and what should we do about it? First, we should have stronger border controls. A Conservative government will
set up a dedicated Border Police force. If dangerous people slip through, we should bring them to justice. A Conservative government will tear up the Human Rights Act and replace it
with a British Bill of Rights, so we can deal with human rights issues more

"It makes a mockery of human rights if we can’t protect ourselves against
people who are out to destroy them for everyone else."

Jonathan Isaby

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