As pro-Tibetan protests continue outside the Chinese Embassy in London, it has been confirmed that David Cameron – along with Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague, Shadow Chancellor George
Osborne, Shadow Security Minister and National Security Adviser
Baroness Neville-Jones and Shadow Foreign Office Minister David
Lidington – met the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao for 45 minutes this morning.

Topics for discussion included the world economy and human rights in China.

David Cameron has just released the following statement:

"I had a very good meeting with Premier Wen. I stressed to him how, if elected, a Conservative Government would be committed to a strong relationship with China, to deepening our trade relationship and to co-operating together to tackle the economic downturn.  We discussed the need to avoid protectionism and the importance of keeping markets open. We also talked about how we could continue to work together to tackle issues like climate change, and the opportunities presented for new growth and jobs through ‘green tech’ in areas like carbon capture and storage.

“I also raised with Premier Wen the issue of human rights in China and greater participation in the political process, including at a time of economic difficulty, and our wish to see a continuing dialogue on these issues.   We also discussed Iran, and I made clear the importance a Conservative Government would attach to forging a strong and united international response to prevent Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon."

Premier Wen met Gordon Brown briefly yesterday and the pair will have further talks tomorrow.

Jonathan Isaby

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