Posted below are the frontpages of most of today’s newspapers – dominated by the tragic death of Ivan Cameron.  Most newspapers have a library photograph of David Cameron kissing his son but the frontpage of The Daily Mail is the most heart-rending.  The grief of Samantha Cameron is impossible for most of us to understand but it’s difficult to look at the face of the Tory leader’s wife and not feel pain (clearer photo here).  Let us hope that the paparazzi photographers now leave the Camerons to grieve in privacy. 

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Geoffrey Levy in the Daily Mail writes about the impact of Ivan on David Cameron:

"One day Mr Cameron arrived at the House of Commons with Ivan in his pushchair. ‘Ivan became quite a regular sight until Dave became the leader,’ says a colleague.
Almost imperceptibly, the talented young politician whom most had labelled as just a bit too upper-crust ever to get to the very top, seemed to be changing.
‘His marriage became stronger, he became tougher – and that’s when some of the gloss went off him,’ says a close friend.
‘For the first time in his life he was able to feel and understand the pain and suffering of ordinary people.
‘Ivan’s birth gave him a much greater sense of purpose and ambition. It spurred him on. In recent times when he has talked of his admiration for the NHS it hasn’t been for votes but because he had seen it at its best, through Ivan, and knew what the service meant to the country.’"

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