It was a story we under-reported one week ago but the recruitment of the much-respected hedge fund trader Stanley Fink (estimated worth £116m) to help Tory Treasurer Michael Spencer (estimated worth over £1bn) is a huge boost to the Conservative Party.  The FT certainly realised the significance of the story at the time and splashed it across their front page last Saturday.

The good news comes after a recent round of redundancies at CCHQ and some concerns at poor financial management.

Fink and Spencer are interviewed by The Daily Telegraph’s Andrew Porter and their optimism about fundraising will delight every Tory activist:

"Do the money men have a plan if an election is called in the next few months? Could they raise the cash that quickly? Worryingly for Labour, they do.

Mr Spencer says: "We obviously will have an immediate call to arms and we already have sounded out our donors already, in the event of an election, can we count upon you?"

Would that mean £18 million in the kitty?


Surely, the aim is to use the money he raises to crush Labour?

The answer is unequivocal.

"We will blow them out of the water.""

Tim Montgomerie